Collaborative Working datascan

A group of people working together, pooling their knowledge and skills to complete a task.  Working as a team but in a more fluid way that promotes innovation.  That is what collaborative working is all about and it’s a real buzz term now.

There are lots of positive reasons behind the concept, here are the top 5:

  1. Getting More Work Done

With a larger team you will always get more work completed.   With a team that collaborate they will get the work completed quicker and can work to tighter deadlines.  These are highly motivated people working in a less structured environment and it’s where they will produce highly quality work. It is a leaner structure, more elastic and this allows for increased productivity.

  1. More Skills Mean More Possibilities

Having people from different backgrounds and experiences will mean a sharing of knowledge.  They will give from their area of expertise and when all is added together can produce innovative solutions.  It also enhances problem solving and gives room for exploring new concepts.

  1. Accessing the Best Talent

With such a low unemployment rate at present, it’s difficult to attract good staff.  However, when we work in a collaborative way, we open up the scope to freelancers, contractors and self-employed people.   This has great advantages for the business owner particularly for once off projects.

  1. Flexibility for Staff

Working in such an environment is also good for staff.  It allows for greater flexibility such as remote working, hot desks, different start and finish times and the end of that awful commute in rush hour traffic. These perks are attractive to good staff, they are also ensuring a motivated, happy (not exhausted) member of the team.  Good team members are more likely to stay if the working conditions are good – it’s not always about the actual money.

  1. Cost Reductions

Working in this way reduces the cost of office space, cost of transport, overtime and the amount of stress sick days.  In addition, getting work completed in a more efficient way will mean getting the invoice out sooner and helping cash flow.


This way of working is only possible because of the advances in technology.  The use of wi-fi, fast broadband and flexible working destinations.  It is also possible due to the digitisation of the modern office.   With digital files replacing filing cabinets, co-workers do not need to be in the office.  This allows collaborative working when sharing files, CRM information, relevant data in a secure yet easy way.  If you want to learn more about how digital files can help your business move to a more collaborative way of working, talk with the expert team at Datascan Document Services today.