Yes, we are giving you the top five reasons for not reducing the paper in your office.  Have we lost our marbles?  No, but we thought we would look at the businesses that are still operating in the old inefficient way and explain how what they are doing may be holding them back.

5 reasons scanning datascan

  1. Time

You love wasting time, don’t you?   If you are still wading through acres of paper files and if your office walls are groaning with endless lever arch files full of paper then you are wasting time.  Time spent filing away information and time wasted searching for information by hand.

If, however, time saving is your aim – remove the headache and hassle by signing up with us. We can expertly scan all your files and convert them to digital so you can then you look up whatever you need on your PC, having the information to hand in seconds.

  1. Sharing files

You don’t want to share information with the rest of the team, you want to make it as awkward as possible for them to do their job.  If this is the case, your files are in one office, waiting for one staff member to finish with them and pass them over to the other department.  Or worse, waiting until the guy that works from home gets the bus in to the office so he can access the files to finish the job.

Imagine turning into the modern office where text searchable digital images and proper document management means any team member can access the information they need when they want it regardless of where in the world they are.  Saving time, money and being efficient.

  1. Money

Ah money, sure it grows on trees and we don’t need to save it right? Wrong.  By wasting time and making sharing files difficult this is costing your business money.

Using off-site storage or filling up valuable office space with files is also a waste of money.  Time and staff are the two costliest but most valued assets of any business.  By streamlining these processes, you will not only save money but will also have staff time spent on more meaningful work

  1. Security

Your files are safe, they are in the spare office and the door is locked outside of office hours.  All is well, right?  Well, maybe not.

Storing your files on the premises may feel secure but there are many things that can happen.  A flood, burst water pipe, fire or break-in could damage or destroy paper files.   By converting your files to digital you can store information in the cloud away from natural disaster.   This is a vital part of a sound business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

  1. Compliance

You may have to keep many files for 7 years or more so you believe you have to keep all those boxes.  Well, that is a Yes and No situation. Yes, to follow regulations you must keep information but No, it does not have to be paper.   The space needed for digital files does not get filled up so you can store as much as you want for as long as you need in the cloud securely.

With legislation around data protection and GDPR coming into effect next year, it is vital that your client information is stored safely to protect against breaches.  Client trust is key, how much the loss of a client would mean to you?

So many reasons to move from a paper filled office to a modern office with digital files and documents.  If you need more reasons, then you can speak to one of the Datascan team who can tell you about the process and provide you with a competitive quote.