Increasingly businesses are moving their data from the filing cabinet in the office to be stored in the cloud.  There must be a good reason for this you might think, so here we give you  6 reasons that might encourage you to consider it.

Benefits of Document Conversion DataScan

  1. Save Space

All space in your office is valuable and each square meter is costing you money in rent and rates so you should ensure it is working for you, particularly in the city centre where all space is limited.  Many companies may waste a whole room by using it as a storage area for lever arch files and boxes of paperwork.  By converting these boxes to digital files it can create a space for staff, a new meeting room or room for expansion.

  1. Improve Efficiency

Some staff members could spend up to an hour a day searching through paperwork to find an invoice, POD or job card.   By having all files integrated into the backend of your system, each item is available on screen whenever required.  Freeing up staff time to complete other tasks while having the most up to date systems, smooth and streamlined for efficiency.

  1. Ease of Access

Having files and documents available at the touch of a button makes the working day so much easier.  When data is scanned it can be attached to individual client accounts or departments making it simple to access whatever you want, when you want – quickly.

  1. Safe and Secure

Paper documents are the riskier option when it comes to security as files that can be left unsecured can be accessed by anybody.  They are also susceptible to damage from flooding, fire or theft.

Scanning and storing your files digitally in the cloud makes them extra secure as only authorised personnel can access them.  They are also safe against damage or unwanted destruction while improving your data protection procedures.  Storing your data in the cloud makes it easier to comply with regulations and legal requirements on protecting your client’s data.

  1. Reducing Debtor Days

When you rely on payments being made on time and in full, any time you can save in the processing of them is valuable.  Being able to access scanned copies of documents while on a call chasing payment can speed up the process in getting amounts agreed and processed.    Eliminates the ‘I didn’t get your invoice or POD’ excuse and also the search through files as it can be accessed and emailed within seconds.


  1. Saves time, Saves money

Time is money so if you are saving time at any task there will be a cost saving achieved also.  Freeing up a staff members time leaves them available to work on other more productive tasks for the business.   Generating extra revenue while making their day less tiresome.


These are only some of the benefits our clients have gained by having their documents scanned and supplied to them in digital format.  If you want to find out more about our service, or even avail of a free trial please get in touch with us.   Start reaping the benefits of document scanning and data capture today.