Distributor needs less paperwork datascan

To be a leading distributor you need the range of products and great customer service.  You also need to innovate to ensure you can offer the most up to date and in-demand products in your sector.

This all takes time and effort and will be built up over many years.  Once you get to be a leading distributor in your sector you then need to see how you can save time and reduce costs to stay on top.

Customer Satisfaction

There are many options for the customer when it comes to sourcing products.  To be successful as a distributor you must put your customer first.   You have the products, in fact there are so many they will be challenging to manage.   You will always want to be adding more skus to the portfolio to have something new and exciting.

Getting the orders in, getting them processed quickly and dispatched on time and in full is critical.  And with next day delivery as the norm in many sectors, the pressure is on.  How can you manage the paperwork for all this?  Order forms, delivery dockets, orders taken by hand at a trade counter, orders sent via email, orders transmitted via sales reps pda….  the list goes on.

Automatic Data Capture

Automatic data capture can be part of this process to make workflows smoother.  All physical paperwork can be scanned and the information extracted and directly uploaded into your system.  Keeping all the information together and reducing the time taken on queries.  In turn, less queries will result in invoices being paid quicker, making the accounts department job a bit easier and improving cash flow.

Smoother workflows

Having these processes in place makes it easier to track orders.  It improves the customer experience which in turn leads to increased business.  Having files stored and accessible digitally helps with data protection and disaster recovery planning.  It also makes financial sense to not waste valuable space storing files and boxes.  This space could be better used for stock or people.

Datascan work with several large distributors who continue to be more efficient by using document scanning and automatic data capture services.  We receive their paperwork weekly and complete the document scanning and transmitting of data promptly.  If you think this could be the solution for you, we offer a free trial so get in touch with us today.