Datascan Document Services have been working with a multinational insurance company for several years now to assist them in their document management journey.  The Data Governance and Quality Lead from that company kindly spoke to us about their experience working with our team.

The Start of the Journey

Due to the nature of their business, this insurance company had accumulated a substantial collection of paper documents over many years.  While these included recent files, some of the policy files were over 100 years old.  The challenge they faced seemed enormous.  Accessing and managing the paper documents in their storage providers was cumbersome and costly.  They didn’t know exactly what they had as it was just a collection of hundreds of boxes.  Finally with the introduction of GDPR, the urgency to comply with data regulations became a top priority for them. In their search for a solution for this challenge, they found Datascan.

Uncovering the Challenge

The storage and accessibility of their paper files had become increasingly burdensome over time. With no clear understanding of the contents of these files, they needed a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and address GDPR compliances. Recognising the scale of the problem, they sought assistance from Datascan, who they knew to be a leading expert in document digitisation and management.

Putting a Plan into Action

Orla and Ilona from Datascan visited them to assess the magnitude of the challenge. After understanding the requirements, they formulated a plan that involved scanning, indexing, and supplying the files digitally. To ensure the plan’s effectiveness, a test batch was implemented, showcasing the efficiency of their operations and their commitment to data security measures. It was then decided to commission Datascan to complete the whole project.

Impressive Results

The Data Governance and Quality Lead from that company tells us that she and her team were thoroughly impressed with the results achieved by Datascan. “Throughout the process, Datascan exhibited flexibility, trustworthiness, and efficiency, making them an ideal partner. We visited their premises and were impressed by their setup and the professionalism demonstrated by the team working on the project.  We also appreciated their commitment to security, particularly around the handling of sensitive data such as ours”.

Smooth Transition and Ongoing Support

After the scanning process Datascan handled the seamless destruction of old files, ensuring no important documents were left unattended. All required documents for audits were promptly supplied, instilling confidence in their compliance with GDPR. Their digitisation efforts progressed steadily, achieving 90% completion of the project to date. The digitised data is now securely available to authorised team members with a simple click, ensuring easy accessibility and reducing potential data breaches. Our insurance company client now can manage Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) smoothly.


She says “I would recommend Orla and her team to any organisation facing similar data management challenges. Their expertise, trustworthy approach, and efficient processes have transformed our operations, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations, and establishing a secure and easily accessible digital archive. All this was completed with minimal hassle and stress for us, they consistently arrived with solutions anytime we hit a challenge, and continue to do so”.

Through their partnership with Datascan, this multinational insurance company successfully migrated from a cumbersome and expensive paper-based system to a streamlined, compliant, and digitally-accessible solution. What was once half a million pieces of paper has now been digitised. The collaboration enabled them to enhance their efficiency, security, and ability to respond to regulatory requirements effectively.  It was a pleasure to be part of their digital transformation.