Anna in Accounts is much happier this month!  You may be wondering why that is.  It is because she has moved to an automated process for her invoices.

AP Automation

Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation) enables Anna to process supplier invoices without any personal intervention.  She has implemented a digital workflow to manage all the steps leaving her free to complete more meaningful tasks.

Here is what her day was like before automation:

The invoices arrived in different formats, some electronically and others in paper format.  They all had to be manually sorted and placed into various classes before processing.  This was a daily task before the approval, processing and payment could be made. As most invoices needed approval, they would be placed on the desks of the various department heads.  She hoped that they would not sit there for long, or even worse, get mislaid.  After chasing the approval, she would often have to visit their offices a second time to chase the paperwork. This all took time and caused delays in payments which upset suppliers and often attracted payment penalties.

Now her day looks a lot different:

Annas workflow is now digital.  She completes all the tasks without having to even leave her desk.  This means she can easily work from home and there is no difference in the process.  With data capture the paperwork on dockets is automatically uploaded.  This makes matching PO numbers and relevant reports easy.  Digitally storing all the paperwork together for accurate reporting or auditing later.   Productivity has been greatly improved as there are now less mistakes and no human bottlenecks creating issues for her.   She can spend her time at work on more meaningful and worthwhile tasks.  On a personal note, Anna is much happier and can now finish the day at a reasonable hour so she can enjoy her walk in the evening.

Datascan AP Automation

How is all this possible?  Using the most up to date technology Datascan automates the invoice approval process.  Our outputs integrate with all the main ERP and accounting systems, so Anna did not have to invest further money in systems.

Annas purchase orders and supplier invoices are received by our team and are scanned carefully, indexed, and electronically archived using encrypted cloud storage. Those files are ready for uploading into her accounting system and are stored securely.  All now fully searchable in pdf format.   If this sounds like an option for your accounts department then contact us today to find out more.