What is Accounts Payable Processing?

DataScan’s Accounts Payable processing service utilises the most up to date technology allowing your company to automate the invoice approval process. Our AP systems integrate fully with all  main ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting systems.

Your company’s purchase orders and supplier invoices are received by Datascan staff, scanned using our high – tech scanners and electronically archived using encrypted cloud storage. Your digital files are ready to be uploaded to your system or can be emailed, printed and managed from your secure personal account. Invoices and other documents are now available in fully searchable PDF format.

Safe and Secure Document Scanning

Verified information is captured from your accounts documentation and the resulting data file and corresponding image file is electronically sent direct to your accounting package or your ERP system. This service is flexible and cost effective, reducing the time spent and increasing the efficiency associated with this process.

Purchase Order & Invoice Matching

Working to your accounts payable protocols our invoice matching service will tag every incoming invoice with a corresponding PO. This dramatically reduces the time spent by your staff handling exceptions and queries. By electronically uploading a look-up file of your suppliers and purchase orders our AP system will ensure that all transactions are complete with all of the required fields for seamless procure-to-pay processing.

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