At the heart of any successful healthcare app, be that on a mobile device or in a hospital, lies complex information about an individual: diagnostics and test results, notes and historical records. At the end of the day, everything in healthcare is about a person. Datascan Document Services works with app providers to ensure that data which would otherwise be left siloed, or even on paper, is secure and available to both patients and clinicians.

Orla Cafferty, chief executive, Datascan, said that despite the impression some may have of the high-tech nature of healthcare, traditional bureaucratic bottlenecks and roadblocks still need to be overcome. “Lots of the healthcare apps live in your mobile phone, and when they get busy they get challenges. The big challenge is how to manage patients as individuals, so it’s not a tech challenge so much,” Cafferty said.

The core of Datascan’s work is ensuring that crucial data is securely acquired and transmitted to all relevant parties and to apps that a patient can share with healthcare professionals.  Read the full article from The Sunday Business Post here