Business Continuity datascan

What would happen if disaster struck your business?  If your building burnt down, if an unscrupulous employee stole vital company information or if your machinery/technology failed dramatically – what would you do?

A Quick Come Back

Would customers and suppliers wait around for you to get back up and running?  You risk being forgotten about, competitors taking the advantage, customers going elsewhere and even losing your workforce.    You need to be able to make a quick come back.   While a scenario such as this is unlikely, it does happen from time to time and it is important to have a plan in place.  It’s like having that holiday insurance policy that you hope you never need.

How would you continue with your business the following day?  It doesn’t matter if you are a young business or a long established family business, the same consequences apply and nobody wants to be gone overnight after a huge amount of effort has been put in to build up a business.

Digital Information

Business continuity planning takes many things into account.  It will look at the resilience of the business, the perceived risks and then will build in a strategy to be put in place should the worst occur.  At Datascan we find that many businesses are taking an approach to put in place some processes to lessen the risks.  One of these is to convert their paper files and documents to a digital format.  Customer and supplier information is so important that a company cannot function without it.  Scanning these documents and saving them in the cloud means it is accessible even after a disaster.

The benefits of digitising your documents far outweigh the costs.  In the normal running of the business, having digital files saves time when searching for information.  It allows easy and secure sharing of information and it helps with compliancy relating to data protection.  It frees up office space and streamlines workflows.

If you are considering business continuity planning, ensure that digitising your documents is on your agenda.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike, be ready to bounce back.