As an insurance broker you work hard for your clients to get them the best deal. You are also kept busy helping them with claims and renewals so any efficiencies you can make will surely be welcome.

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File cabinets containing paper documents and shredding old sensitive documents are becoming things of the past. Now with scanning technology all this can be made much simpler and much more efficient. It’s much more secure to store these sensitive documents on your computer under password lock than in a filing cabinet or drawer in the office. It will also cut down on clutter and space in the office because scanning your files is a much simpler and more organised system for storing important files.

It keeps the clutter to a minimum

Valuations, reports, forms, certificates and renewals – so much paper and so much that you need to keep. When you scan your documents, you store them on your computer or in the cloud and can destroy the paper copy, giving you more space and less clutter. The software that helps you organise the scanned-in files makes them easy to access. With it all done online you save yourself a lot of time, space and work.

It’s much more secure

With your files stored on your computer or in the cloud they remain safe behind layers of password protections to secure their utmost safety. The first layer is the password you should have on your computer to limit access to you alone. The next layer is the potential of password protected files. If you choose a document management software to help you organise your files, it adds another layer of protection, especially if it requires the user to login to access the system.

It can help you get organised

Scanning your files not only makes your office neater by decluttering but it also makes you more organised. This makes it easier to access your files quickly thanks to the computer allowing you to search keywords to locate your files instantly. This will make it so much easier to access necessary files quickly when you are under pressure. This is particularly helpful for insurance brokers that need to find documents to answer queries instantly and for a multitude of clients.

It will save time and money

By having all your files easily searchable you have access at the tip of your fingers, saving significant amounts of staff time resulting in cost savings. The time saved can be diverted into other activities such as marketing the company and generating new leads.

If you have been thinking about becoming more organised, having a less cluttered office and saving money you should consider scanning your files digitally. Datascan Document Services are a leading provider in Ireland for over 25 years and are certified to ISO 27001 giving you confidence of data protection at all times. We can scan your paper files and provide digital files that are compatible with most popular office software packages. For more information or a trial get in contact today.