Industries Served

Sports Clubs and Data Control

There is much discussion around data protection in business at the moment especially with GDPR on the horizon. However, sometimes other organisations don’t realise that they too must consider the control of their data. Sports Clubs Many clubs, particularly ones for children sports, are run by a willing committee comprised of parents and helpers.   While… Read more »

Charities – Industries Served

DataScan & Newspread have partnered with the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation to help collect 250,000 old mobile phones this New Year, to fund home nursing care for the families of 300 children with brain damage. To help make a success of this campaign DataScan and indeed Jack & Jill would greatly appreciate your help… Read more »

Alumni Associations & Clubs – Industries Served

Want to stay in touch with your Alumni or Club members around the world? Making an electronic copy of your Alumni annuals or other records allows you to add value to your association’s membership benefits. Our Archive Scanning service provides you with an electronic copy of your key documents or annuals. Scanned documents are fully… Read more »

Private Archives – Industries Served

Has your business or association built up a significant document Archive? It is likely that your documentation is taking up valuable office space that could be put to better use. Searching for any particular document uses up valuable administration time. Our Archive Scanning service provides you with an electronic copy of your key documents. Scanned… Read more »

Aviation – Industries Served

In the Aviation industry it is of the utmost importance that key safety related documentation is available at the click of a mouse. DataScan has worked with aircraft leasing companies to provide a scan and upload service for Aircraft flight logs and Maintenance Records. Aircraft logs scanned here in Dublin on behalf of Starlite Aviation… Read more »

Educational – Industries Served

Schools and Colleges can avail of DataScan’s scanning services to make an electronic copy of key records. For those institutions looking to preserve their old school roll books or other annuals we provide a book scanning service. Books that have been digitised are protected from Fire, Flood and theft and provide a robust easily searchable… Read more »

HR & Training – Industries Served

Every company has an obligation to retain statutory documentation in relation to their past and present employees. Documents that must be retained include Training Records, Human Resources related documents such as contracts, payroll records, application forms. We provide a complete scanning service for all employment related documents. If you have a large quantity of documents… Read more »

Legal – Industries Served

DataScan provides specialist archiving and scanning services for solicitors and law firms . We do our best to ensure as far as possible, that electronic documents and scanned images will be accepted as evidence by the courts. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 certified full-service records management company dedicated to providing our customers with the… Read more »