How Physiotherapists can benefit from patient file scanning

When working in any medical profession, especially when running and operating your own clinic, maintaining and organising patient records is of the utmost importance. Patient records contain vital information such as medical histories, previous prescriptions and billing details that are key to successfully treating and maintaining a strong client relationship with your patients. In today’s… Read more »

Did the recent storm affect your business?

Hurricane weather is something not normally associated with Ireland.  So when Hurricane Ophelia hit our country recently it created a lot of damage and disruption for many.   Once the warnings started to come through on Sunday evening many business owners decided to keep their premises closed on Monday for safety reasons.  With the warnings… Read more »

Dental professionals are working mobile

In our modern age, more and more professions are becoming mobile in their work.   Dentists and hygienists are one of the professions which have started to move about while working, with many dental professionals holding clinics in entirely different towns throughout the week, or moving between branches to see their patients. There are also… Read more »

The Datascan Document Journey

The office shelves are groaning at the weight of a hundred lever arch files.  The store room is bursting at the seams with boxes upon boxes of paperwork and those old files that you can’t throw away but hope you don’t have to search through any time soon.  Is this what your office looks like?… Read more »