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At Datascan we have been working with some of Ireland’s most valued and respected charities for many years.   Charities process personally identifiable data from almost every possible category including the Special Categories– from Volunteer personal data, Garda Clearance details, donor financial details and medically sensitive service user data.  We at Datascan understand how important it is for the charity to gain control of and secure their organisation’s data, so that service users can be assured that their own data is treated properly and donors can be certain that their financial details are adequately secured.

Donations are the lifeblood of all charities, and it is vital that they ensure that they do all they can to maintain a reputation for good information governance.

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Experience a hassle-free Charity document scanning with our streamlined approach. Our team of experts will effortlessly guide you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless conversion project. Entrust your Charity documents to us. Simplify your journey with our reliable Charity document imaging services.