Insurance Companies datascan

Insurance companies help consumers manage their risk so why do some of them then go and leave themselves wide open to it?

With much discussion around data protection and the sensitive nature of information that businesses hold, it is important to get it right.

Much Paper

In the insurance sector there is so much information to process.  Paper files and documents are being created and circulated. A variety of information is coming from many sources and it can be bulky.  Claims will result in paperwork from many channels and transforming those paper files to digital makes it easy to keep control.

When documents are scanned, a digital file is created. This is then indexed and stored in a particular folder.  Each claim or customer can then have their own folder making it easy to find what you are looking for, keep it all together and simple to access.

Digital files are easy to share and can be emailed giving instant access rather than waiting for the post.  The files will be stored on a management system so only authorised users can access them, while several team members can gain access at the same time if necessary, no more waiting on your colleague to finish with them and pass them over.

Free up your time and your space

Once those paper files and records are digitised then the originals can be securely destroyed.  Leaving you with more space in the office.  Freeing up your staff time with less filing and searching can leave them free to be more productive in other areas of the business.

They are also protected against natural disaster or human error of misfiling, or destroying.

More cost effective

Storage in the cloud is limitless and less expensive that physical storage.  As many files will have to be kept for a significant time, it is more cost effective to store them digitally.

When staff can access information quicker it results in customers get a quicker more accurate response.  As the expression goes ‘time is money’ and the savings could be significant.  Staying with digital files will make it easier to manage both new and existing clients.  When it is easier to review insurance policies it is easier to see new opportunities.

No need to be concerned about the security of the information.  Datascan Document Services lead the way in financial and medical record scanning so we are experienced in handling extremely sensitive personal information.

Let us scan your paperwork and return them to you in digital format while securely destroying what you don’t need.  Contact a member of our friendly team today to discuss.