There is additional demand on space in medical practices at present as vaccines are being administered and social distancing measures are in place.  Every room in your practice should be generating revenue for you.   Your medical practice building represents valuable real estate and now might be the perfect time to clear out that filing room and put it to better use.

Making space in the practice

Many medical centres and practices are still maintaining huge volumes of paper files and records.  These documents are taking up space that could be put to better use.  Files could be scanned and returned in digital format ready to be uploaded on to your management system.

Now you could use the extra space for administering vaccinations, more space will mean better capacity and easier social distancing.  In the future you could use it as an extra room for other treatments such as health screening, nurse or physiotherapy services.

Vaccination records

What about all the vaccine records that are accumulating and taking up space in your office?  As with any medical records, this information is important and needs to be maintained. It is also of a sensitive nature so must be stored securely.  Having these records digitally scanned will ensure they are protected.  They will be scanned and indexed so you can upload them to your management system.

A record of all you need, accessible at the click of a mouse, but secure and not taking up space.  No need for staff to file them, no risk of misfiling and easier to search.

Datascan are Ireland’s medical record scanning specialists. We can scan and index all your patient files swiftly and securely. Done in a format suitable for uploading directly into your practice management software package. Talk to our expert team today to find out more.