Credit Unions generate lots of paperwork in relation to their members, from new member application forms, loan agreements, standing orders and so on.

Your team can often be under intense pressure to ensure they are following correct banking procedures such as keeping anti-money laundering ID documentation up to date on every member’s file.

It’s important that this information is held securely and is easy to access when needed. Document scanning is a great way to improve compliance, data protection, and efficiency when it comes membership data.

Document Scanning

Paper files are cumbersome and time-consuming to search through whereas digital files stored in your Credit Union management portal offer secure access for authorised personnel.  Using paper files is not efficient, especially when you need to retrieve information quickly. Document scanning helps you avoid this by organising your files so that all the relevant information is easily accessible at any time.  Going digital with your files also frees up valuable space in your Credit Union.

Safe Storage of Legacy Information

Holding Members’ data in digital format improves compliance, data protection, and efficiency, benefiting your team.

It allows you to access your membership data from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for credit unions that have offices across multiple towns. Merging branches means sorting through paperwork. Our services include bulk scanning of your documents to make sure that everything is in order and up to date so you can focus on helping members and growing your credit union.

Data Protection and Compliance.

Data protection and security are key issues for credit unions, so it is important to work with a trusted partner.

We understand that your team’s time is precious, and we want to help. Through our digitisation services, we can make sure that you can access the documents you need whenever you need them. This means that your team can focus on what they do best – serving customers!

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