The nursing home sector is an important part of the Irish health service.

According to Nursing Home Ireland, private and voluntary nursing homes provide care for nearly 22,000 residents and employ more than 24,000 staff.

Nursing Home Admin datascan

Irish people today are predicted to live well into their eighties so the demands on this industry will continue to grow.  With so many people cared for and so many people employed by them, these specialist care centres are a key part of the community and provide a vital service for many families.

Highly Regulated

As would be expected this industry is regulated to ensure the best care for clients.  Regulations always equal paperwork and that can be a time consuming part of any role.  With the need to record incidents and complete reports on falls the filing cabinets can start to fill up quite quickly.

Filing Space

Medical records, reports and other documents will need to be stored securely and for certain periods of time.  More and more medical offices are turning to converting their paper files into digital as these files don’t take up any physical space.  There are so many advantages of doing this that it is no surprise to know that it is envisaged that most industries will go this way in the near future to save valuable office space.

Staff Morale

Reducing the time spent on administration tasks to allow nursing assistants to get on with more hands on jobs will be welcome.  Time that was spent searching files in various offices throughout the building will be saved as they would be now accessible with the click of a mouse or a touch of a button.   When this time is saved it means that the highly trained team can now use their knowledge and skills in more productive ways.  Raising morale makes for happier staff that spread the positivity throughout the nursing home.

Data Protection

The nursing home sector comes with very high standards to maintain.  This is understandable as each unit must be ready for any audits and checks that take place.  The privacy of the clients and the protection of sensitive data must be handled in a manner that meets all necessary legislation.   With the new GDPR coming into force next year this is more critical than ever.  Leaving files in areas that are not protected, able to be accessed by anyone can lead to serious issues.  Files that are digitally scanned, uploaded through computer software onto an internal system will be better protected and controlled via passwords and access control.

Many nursing homes are reaping the benefits of moving to digitally scanned files already.  If you are involved in this industry and want to find out more about the process, please get in contact.  We offer free trials and our friendly expert staff can answer any questions you may have.