Want to know how data capture can save your business time and money?  Here are some very practical examples.

datascan data capture

Does this scenario sound familiar?  

Your accounts department are chasing payment and the customer claims the invoice was not received or the order never arrived and requests a copy of the paperwork.  Your staff member then wastes time searching through folders and files for the missing POD or invoice before scanning it and emailing it to the customer.  Then another phone call must be made to chase payment.

What about this version of the same phone call?

Within seconds of the query the relevant document is now on screen and with one click it is emailed while still in conversation.  The customer can confirm receipt while on the same conversation and will agree payment.  Saving valuable time and helping you get paid on time and in full.

How is this possible?

Our data capture service will take all the information from your forms and upload it to your system to enable this to happen.  Data can be stored by reference number, date or any other piece of key information you require.

Data Capture

Here’s how it works.  We take your job cards, PODs or any form and using our technology we scan each document.  The data captured will include all relevant information which will then be directly uploaded to your system.  The information will now be available at a touch of a button

Digital Mail Room

Another popular service we offer is our digital mail room.  We can have your business mail sent to us where we open it, sort it, scan it and send it digitally to the relevant person.  Saving time and making the process more efficient for all.

Invoices straight into your system

As part of this service we assist your accounts payable by scanning your received invoices.  We capture all the data such as supplier, invoice amounts and details of product or service being charged for.  It is then uploaded to your system for easy referencing and includes all line item detail for easy referencing.   Removing the need for your staff manually entering the details, saving time and allowing you to re-deploy staff to other more urgent tasks.

Data capture and scanning saves time and when time is saved so is money.  Take a free trial with us and start to reap the benefits of data scanning today.