We are excited to announce that Datascan has achieved the ISO27001:2022 certification, marking us as one of the early adopters of this new and rigorous standard. This certification underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of information security and showcases our proactive approach to risk management.

Demonstrating Our Commitment to Security

Achieving the ISO27001:2022 certification highlights Datascan’s dedication to safeguarding our clients’ data with the most advanced security measures. We are proactive in managing risks and addressing potential threats, ensuring that our information security practices are robust and reliable.

Adherence to the Latest Standards

Being certified to the latest version of ISO27001 means that we are compliant with the most current international standards. Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) now integrates the latest best practices, addressing emerging security threats with a forward-thinking approach. This ensures that our security measures are not only effective today but are also adaptable to the challenges of tomorrow.

Enhanced Customer Trust and Confidence

This certification significantly enhances customer trust and confidence in Datascan. Our clients and partners can be assured that their data is managed securely, which greatly reduces concerns over potential data breaches.

Proving Our Ethos of Continuous Improvement and Adaptability

The ISO27001:2022 certification process involves continuous monitoring, review, and improvement of our ISMS. At Datascan, we are committed to ongoing enhancements and adapting our security measures to meet new challenges. This ethos of continuous improvement ensures that we are not only compliant with current standards but also prepared for future security threats.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Achieving ISO27001:2022 certification provides us with a significant competitive edge. This certification differentiates us from competitors and appeals to clients who prioritise security and compliance. By adopting this new standard early, we demonstrate our leadership in the field of information security.

Key Areas of Change in the New ISO27001:2022

The new ISO27001:2022 standard introduces several key changes, primarily focusing on the controls we have in place to secure information. Notable additions include:

Threat Intelligence: Using advanced tools and techniques to gather and analyse information about potential threats.

Monitoring Activities: Continuously tracking and analysing system activities to detect and respond to security incidents.

Data Masking: Protecting sensitive information by obscuring it within systems.

Configuration Management: Ensuring that systems are configured securely and consistently.

Data Leakage Prevention: Implementing measures to prevent unauthorised data transfers.

Physical Security Monitoring: Enhancing the protection of physical assets and environments.

Information Deletion: Implementing secure methods for deleting data to prevent unauthorised recovery.

By integrating these new controls, Datascan ensures a comprehensive approach to information security, addressing both existing and emerging threats.

Orla Cafferty remarks “We are proud of this significant achievement and remain committed to upholding the highest standards of information security. The ISO27001:2022 certification not only demonstrates our dedication to protecting our clients’ data but also positions Datascan as a leader in the industry.”