Datascan Document Management is delighted to announce accreditation to the internationally recognised Cyber Essentials Certification.

What is Cyber Essentials Certification?

Cyber-attack is a real and present threat to any business these days. Having to put measures into place to protect data is a reality in today’s business world.   Cyber Essentials is a certification designed to provide a statement of the controls an organisation has in place to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats. It was important to us to be certified to prove we had the necessary layers of security to protect the data we process.

At Datascan we take the safety of customer data very seriously.  Many of our clients have extremely sensitive information and while we are processing it, we must ensure that they have total confidence in us. That is why we decided to get certification to offer an even more robust solution for our clients.

Security of Data is Paramount

As part of the attainment of this certification Datascan had to prove that we have in place enhanced data security processes.  Our policies to protect data were rigorously tested to ensure there were no gaps.  We have many security measures already in place from our certification to ISO27001, so the process of attaining this certification only further strengthened our position.

Datascan’s IT systems were examined to demonstrate robust IT and data security systems were in place.  Our processes are now further strengthened to reduce the risk of reputational harm through data breaches and cyber-attacks.   We can further prove that we protect organisational assets, IP, sensitive and commercial data.

Expert Security Consultants

This is an internationally accredited certification and we worked with expert consultants at VISO Cyber Security who helped us throughout the project.  Working with a trusted partner we had full confidence in the processes required to attain the certification.