DataScan & Newspread have partnered with the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation to help collect 250,000 old mobile phones this New Year, to fund home nursing care for the families of 300 children with brain damage.

To help make a success of this campaign DataScan and indeed Jack & Jill would greatly appreciate your help and support with this very worthy cause.

So how can you, the retailer, help?

– Next Mon or Tues (Jan 17th, 18th) you will receive a Jack & Jill starter pack along with your RTE Guide or Irish Independent
– This Pack will contain a Jack & Jill window poster and Jack & Jill Phone Collection Box
– Display your Jack & Jill poster in a prominent position in your store window
– Position the phone collection box in a suitable position on your counter top near a point of sale
– Gather donated mobile phones from the public and await collection instructions from Newspread*
*Note:   Newspread will collect all phones during the week beginning Monday 28th February. Prior to this collection Newspread will send out a flyer detailing how we plan to collect phones from your store.
For further information on this very important Newspread/Jack & Jill campaign please contact customer services by email at or by phone on 023 886 3850.