start scanning datascan

The lift was broken and you had to take the stairs.  Once you reached the fifth floor you were out of breath and you still had 3 more floors to go.  That was the moment you finally decided it was time to join the gym and get fit.

Time for change

Like so many things in our lives, there is a point you get to where you realise that change is needed.  It’s the same when it comes to the clients we meet every week that have decided they need to manage their documents better.  They have come to realise that the time is right for a change because something significant has happened.

Here are the main drivers that will lead a business like yours to decide to implement document scanning;

1.  You have already spent too much time trying to find records. You have actually lost a few files along the way also, which has been a right pain. You have also found files on the wrong shelf, in the wrong storage room or documents in the wrong file. Human error will be the cause and it is frustrating.

2.  You are running out of space, you have a room full of paper files and the shelves are heaving in the office, just waiting to collapse on somebody. It is stressing you out and making the place look untidy for visitors.

3.  It was taking too long to find anything. You had to ring the customer back because you had to go to another room to search for the information. The processes are taking too long and work is starting to pile up.

4.  Staff were waiting on their colleague to finish with a file before they could access it. Staff on the road had to phone in and ask for information or even call in to see the file, what a waste of time. All those delays are costing your business money.

5.  With GDPR you are worried about the security of your files and the data that you are storing. Who can access it, what information should be stored or destroyed, is it secure, are you leaving yourself liable? So many questions to see if you are compliant with the new regulations. It’s causing much stress that can be alleviated

6.  You are worried about disaster recovery. You may have taken some advice relating to business continuity and need to put processes in place. You cannot afford the risk of natural or man-made disasters putting you out of business. You need to be able to be back in business in days rather than months. And you need your data in digital format, stored in the cloud for this.


Whatever the reason that brought you to the decision to get your documents in order, act on it today.  With over 25 years’ experience we know your business challenges and are there to help.  Call us today for a competitive quotation.