In our modern age, more and more professions are becoming mobile in their work.

Dental Clinics datascan


Dentists and hygienists are one of the professions which have started to move about while working, with many dental professionals holding clinics in entirely different towns throughout the week, or moving between branches to see their patients. There are also dentists who do home visits for patients unable to make it into a surgery due to disabilities.  This flexibility in where people work and how they work brings its own challenges.

Having information to hand

One of the most important things for these dentists when it comes to working quickly and efficiently is that they have the necessary information to hand.  They cannot turn up to an appointment with a patient only to find that they do not have the relevant notes on that patient because they are in the other office. This wastes time and looks extremely unprofessional.

On the other hand, a dentist does not want to carry around the many patient files which they may need in a given day. Apart from the impracticality of this, it’s not a secure way for the information to be stored, and it’s very easy to misplace something, as well as difficult and time-consuming to filter through the documents for the right sheet.

Patient files scanned and stored

The solution to all of these problems is to have patient files scanned and uploaded onto the patient management system. These can then be accessed from a laptop, or even a tablet, by using the Cloud. The speed and ease with which files can be found is coupled with a very secure database and limitless storage. Dentists and hygienists can carry all the files they need without having to worry about misplacing any, and indeed can schedule emergency appointments which might otherwise be wasted because they don’t have that particular patient’s information to hand.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage also makes it easier to add or update information, as files can be amended whenever necessary, saving the need to hand-write or cross-out notes, and making them easier for everyone to read. It’s simple to schedule new appointments, and information can easily be shared across branches or with colleagues, so any referrals become incredibly straightforward. Instead of having to scan and then email a document covered in poor handwriting, clicking a few buttons will send it straight to the chosen recipient, and they will have all the information they need.

Datascan are experts at scanning medical files in order to upload them to a database. We use secure systems to keep sensitive information safe, and work efficiently to make sure all documents are scanned and everything is kept in one place. This allows professionals to get on with their job, reducing the hassle and stress of trying to keep track of paperwork, and allowing them to see more patients in a day.