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When we think of archiving we may well imagine dusty books and records from the olden days that are stored in a museum.  However, many regular businesses will accumulate records and documents that are important and should not be disposed of.

Digital Scanning

When it comes to a business setting, these files could be a combination of deeds, contracts, correspondence or financial matters.  Digitally scanning these paper documents will not only prevent deterioration but will improving file access.   When indexed correctly, they will be easier to search and audit should the need arise.  With authorised multiple user access they can save time and effort.

Secure Back Up

Having a secure back up of an important document will make record retention a dream.  No more concerns about natural disaster or misplaced information when it is indexed correctly. The process will start with some type of bulk scanning to get all the information converted as efficiently as possible.  Then a policy of ‘this day forward’ scanning will ensure it never piles up again and the workflow keeps smooth.

Document Digitisation

Document digitisation turns open shelf files into digital files that can be securely stored on your management system.  Thus making it easy for authorised staff to browse online to get the information they need.  Making it easier to email a copy of a document, solving queries sooner and get payments processed quickly.


The services provided by Datascan are both comprehensive and cost effective because this is what we specialise in. We work with our clients using the latest technology to improve their document management.  If you are thinking about digital scanning services, then it’s time you availed of a free trial. Call our friendly team today to find out more.