What do we mean by Digital Mail?

Datascan can become your electronic mailroom.  Take the effort out of your daily post delivery by allowing our expert team to digitise it.  Your business mail will be delivered to us securely and we use the most up to date technology to scan and index your mail.  This ensures that it gets to the correct recipient in your organisation.

The scanned images are made available to your team via secure cloud storage.  Each time giving an alert when new correspondence is ready to review.  We can also scan and upload directly to the main management systems as required.

Having your postal mail delivered via email to your team has many benefits.  It is a valuable resource for those working remotely or from home.  Post is now received by email, leaving a trace and ensuring that correspondence is not left unanswered.  Our digital mail service is quick and accurate and will create great efficiencies for your business.

Same day digitisation and indexing will cause no unnecessary delays.  As always, with Datascan you can be assured that your data is handled in a highly secure environment.  Each of our processes will also take GDPR into consideration and keep you compliant.

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