digital transformation datascan

Picture your office desk, is it overflowing with paper?   Not only does this look messy it can appear to others to be disorganised and chaotic.  The person sitting at the desk may be feeling overwhelmed and out of control surrounded by all this paperwork.  If we pan out from your desk, is the whole office a bit ‘cluttered’?  Then it is time for digital transformation.


Digitising documents has proven to make a business more efficient.  Processes take less time and are more accurate.   Quicker processing for customers will mean happy customers.   Increased customer satisfaction will result in loyal customers that return time and time again.  It will result in referrals and more business.

Replacing manual filing and searching with a click of a mouse will make for a happier financial department as staff time is reduced and therefore profits are increased.  Plus, the staff have less monotonous work to do so they can smile too.

We want to point something out to you, in case you don’t realise it- your competitors are probably already in a digital state!  Don’t let them race past you while laughing at your old fashioned ways.  Ensure you keep up to date with your market.  Digital allows you to innovate and enter new markets.  Ensure your business is in a position where you are not disadvantaged through something you can easily solve.

New plan

Start your digital transformation today.  It is as simple as you assembling all your information and that can be as basic as putting the paper in boxes.  We send our driver to collect it and will transport it to our secure facility.  We scan and index it for you, the information is provided back to you in digital format.  You can then choose for us to destroy your paperwork securely or have it stored for you instead.

From that day forward you can arrange to have regular batch scanning so your paperwork never piles up again.  For a free trial to see if digital transformation is for you, why not speak with the Datascan team today.