We have been talking about the paperless office for many years and maybe it’s about to become a reality.

Datascan are taking part in the upcoming Digital Workplace Ireland Conference at the Aviva Stadium where experts will be sharing their insights on the digital workplace.


Digital Work Place DataScan


At Datascan we see our clients moving towards a digital workplace by converting their paper files and records into a digital database thus moving away from paper.  By doing this they not only reduce their paper usage but they are improving their business processes and creating efficiencies.

The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace has changed dramatically in the past few years and continues to develop.  Workers are no longer at their desk in an office from nine to five as people are working remotely and communicating in a different way.   A business needs to evolve in order to compete in today’s market and those that move with the changing times are the ones that will have the advantage.

Many leading experts from around the world will be speaking at this event and sharing their experiences to encourage more organisations to embrace the digital workplace.   There will be a variety of topics covered throughout the day and the ones that are of most interest to the Datascan team revolve around the services we provide.

Document Management

In a busy office you need quick access to all your information.  Gone are the days where you can afford to spend time searching through lever arch files searching for a piece of paper.  To be efficient you need to have your data available to you immediately at the touch of a button giving you greater control of your information and how it is accessed.

Accounts Procedures Automation

Manually inputting information is a drain on valuable resources as well as being slow and inefficient.   Time would be better spent on other activities that would be of more benefit to the business and more rewarding for staff.    With so many ways available to automate much of this manual work there is a real case for implementation.

Data Capture

Information taken from a form can be scanned and uploaded to a system quickly and accurately.  By selecting relevant information and directly uploading it to the back end of a system you can save time and help streamline processes.  You will also have relevant information to hand without having to spend days manually inputting.

Business Processes

Correct document management will assist all departments within an organisation.  Improving processes within HR, Operations, Finance and Administration is possible by automating processes.   Make work more rewarding by utilising your teams intellectual skills and freeing them up from data entry.

With such interesting topics that are so relevant for business today we are excited to be a part of Digital Workplace Ireland and hope to see you there.