do i have to scan it all datascan

You have made the wise decision to go digital in your office.  Well done, we know it will ultimately bring so many benefits to your business.  Now you might be scratching your head wondering ‘where will I start?’

Should I scan every document?

Looking around at shelves of files and boxes of paper would certainly overwhelm anybody.  However, this is the time to realise that it is the perfect opportunity for a clear out.  Many of the documents we keep ‘just in case’ are never referred to again.  It is time to stop hoarding all that paper and make some decisions.  Go through all the paperwork and decide what you definitely will need and what you would like to keep – the remainder goes into the shredder.   You will get a great sense of satisfaction seeing empty space appear within a few hours.

What if I don’t know which documents to scan?

If in doubt, keep it.  Your new digital files will be stored in the cloud with limitless space so there is no consideration necessary if you want to keep much of what you have.   While some companies see this as a great excuse for a clear out, others don’t want to spend the time sorting through everything at that particular point in time.  So, you can get everything scanned and then indexed allowing you to sort through it at a later date when it has been digitised.

Digital files give space to grow

When you finally get all those boxes of files collected by our staff, you may look around your nice clutter free room and feel a sense of calm.  Over 60% of our clients have told us that the space they got back from digitising their documents allowed them to grow.  An example of this was the Doctor’s Surgery who digitised medical records and gained back a full room in the practice.  This room is now being used by another medical professional, bringing increased revenue to the practice.  An accountants firm gained back enough space in one of their offices to place another desk in the room.  Shortly afterwards, a new member of staff could join their team and further grow their business.

If you are ready to make the move to digital files you should give Datascan Document Services a call.  We can collect your boxes of paper documents and then return them to you digitally.  All scanned professionally using our secure processes.  Call us for a free trial today.