Holding Customer Information datascan

It always amazes people when they realise how much information they are holding on to.

While at home we tend to do a spring clean of unneeded items each year, when it comes to our business that is seldom the case.  We fill up the shelves and drawers with files, magazines, dockets and random pieces of correspondence.   We sometimes think that we better hold on to that piece of paper ‘just in case’.  Chances are we will never need it, or if we do need it we won’t remember where we put it and will waste so much time searching.

Customer Information

All businesses will hold information on their customer.  The level of detail will vary from business to business but most will have details such as address, contact email and phone number.  Then we go to the next level where we might store bank account numbers or credit card details.  There will also be details of orders, transactions, correspondence, emails and more.  While most of this can be destroyed after a period, much of it is valuable information that you may want to access at some future date.   You may consider having it scanned and transformed into digital files for ease of access.

Information Security

After our spring clean and once we have securely destroyed what we don’t need we may still have substantial files on our customer.  We need to ask ‘Is it securely protected?’.  We might also think about who in the office has access to it.  Personal and sensitive information must be kept in a secure place and only be accessible by authorised members of your team.   Before you close the file you will have to decide how long you intend on keeping it and ensure it is up to date.

Subject Access Request

With GDPR coming soon, somebody may ask to see what information you have relating to them.  How will you answer that request?   It’s important to ensure you can access it without too much effort as time is money.  Having your customer records digitised and stored on your management system will make it easy to both secure the information and access it with the minimum of effort.


Scanning of files can be outsourced and quick to complete, Datascan Document Services are experts in this area.  Digital files are easy to both manage and store securely.  Once uploaded to your system you will have an inventory of what you have to hand. Thus making it easy to get whatever information you need in a quick, efficient manner.  As an added bonus, you will also have spring cleaned the office, to the delight of all.  Call us for a free trial today.