What do we mean by Document Archive?

Has your business built up a significant document archive? It is likely that your documentation is taking up valuable office space that could be put to better use. Searching for any document uses up valuable administration time.

Our Archive Scanning service provides you with an electronic copy of your key documents.  These scanned documents will be fully and flexibly searchable. Valuable data is now protected from potential threats of loss such as fire, flood and theft.  Also protected against wear & tear.  The original paper documents can then either be confidentially destroyed or stored in cost effective deep storage.

Document Digitisation

Storing old archives can be costly both in storage costs and the resources needed to search and find information when required.  By digitising these files you will reduce the need for outsourcing storage costs and leave your team with more time to use on productive tasks.

Secure Data

Your documents are always in safe hands with Datascan.  We are certified to ISO 27001 which means we have the processes in place that ensure data is protected from the moment we receive it until we deliver it back to our clients in digital format.  That is why many organisations that handle sensitive information trust us to be their partner.

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