According to the CSO over a quarter of adults aged 15 or over volunteer in Ireland.  Applying the relevant national minimum wage, the value of this unpaid work would be over €2 billion.

Charity Admin datascan


Volunteers working for charities help them thrive and in many cases keep the charity running and to the forefront of donors minds.


With all that good will and hard work comes added responsibility of being accountable for donations and spending.  Public trust and confidence in the management and administration of charitable organisations must remain high in order for them to survive.

To this end, in recent years there has been many new guidelines introduced around compliance and transparency.  Registered charities are often required to submit reports and keep records of financial information.

Document management

Producing all these reports, copies of minutes, correspondence, records and more will all add to the role of the administration team within a charity.   Once there are documents, there are usually requirements for them to be stored for a certain amount of time, usually years.

Where to store them has become an issue, particularly in city centre locations were space is limited.  Such sensitive information must also be protected especially in line with the upcoming GDPR requirements.   By scanning these paper documents and storing them digitally in the cloud it is possible not only to protect them from landing in the wrong hands, it will also protect them from possible fire and flood damage.

Having an extra line of protection by using passwords and limiting access will keep financial information such as treasurer reports, bank statements, receipts totally secure and only accessible to the right people.

Digital files don’t take up the space a filing cabinet or storage box uses so this information can be stored for as long as necessary without incurring costs or using room that can be put to better use.

The cost for scanning files and converting them to digital can be a lot less than one might imagine.  The value received in peace of mind and additional storage far outweighs it.  Team members, paid and voluntary are the heart of any charity and any initiative that might make their work load a little lighter will motivate them to continue with their endeavours.