Document Management

DataScan provide a range of document management services. These include Accounts Payable processing, ideal for companies looking to automate their invoice approval process. DataScan also provide a host of scanning services including our brand new Photo Scanning Service.

Some of our popular scanning services include scanning services for Invoices, Delivery Dockets and Job Cards. This is an ideal service for Construction Companies, Garages, Leasing Companies with high number of transactions for example.

Green Document Management

DataScan are delighted to introduce you to our state of the art Green Document Management technology. Our flow chart will show you step by step how DataScan can make your company Leaner, Greener and More Efficient.

This new service will revolutionise the manner in which you can handle your paperwork. Documents or pre-set forms can be simply scanned, indexed and sorted for you to view on a simple web based interface.

Irrespective of the type of business you operate in, your company will benefit from a reduction in paperwork and the subsequent increase in productivity. Not to mention the impact that reducing your carbon footprint will have in assisting your company in meeting environmental requirements.


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