Document scanning for enterprise datascan

Many of today’s enterprises started off as a small business with a big idea.  Through hard work and innovation these Irish companies have grown significantly in a short period of time.

With this growth comes additional pressures and challenges, one of which can be organising all business information into one system.   Each organisation will have a range of documents such as forms, images, reports, plans, certificates, surveys, HR records… the list goes on.

Having all of this organised so it is easy to access is the first step for a large business.  Then, just as important is having processes in place to ensure it is stored securely.

Management Systems

Most larger businesses will decide to implement a management system, something like ISO9001.  One objective of such a system will be increased control over the businesses information.  Having all documents in one central place where only authorised people can access it will make it easier to audit.  This is difficult to do with paper files and that is why digital files are the way forward.

Communication within a large enterprise can be challenging with the high number of employees involved.  Information that is well managed is a better asset, particularly for team members to have what they need to hand.  It not only looks more professional, it is easier to combine project work and on a practical level helps with invoicing.   Files that are securely stored on a management system can be accessed by the team when needed.  That is particularly important for larger businesses that may have multiple locations.


When a business moves from a smaller paper led business to a larger enterprise that digitises its information, it will become more efficient.   The costs associated with manual data management, keying in information and the hours spent searching for it are all eliminated.   Reducing inefficiencies like these will lead to improved productivity in all departments.   More profitable processes are always good news.

Another major benefit to having documents scanned and stored in the cloud is that they are more secure.  Paper files can be lost, damaged or accidently put in the bin.   Having a backup is one of the requirements in disaster recovery planning and you can only do this with digital files.   Should a disaster occur such as a fire or flood then all is not lost. Having a digital copy helps keep valuable information safe for your enterprise.


Many of the larger enterprises are involved in industries such as finance, insurance and other highly regulated areas.   These bring with it more requirements, particularly with GDPR.  Scanning your documents can allow a business to know what information they have and give them a way to manage it in accordance with regulations.   Customer information, employee records and other sensitive information can be handled easier.

To operate in the enterprise sector today your systems must be fit for purpose.  Moving towards a paperless environment will bring many benefits and it is something worth considering today.  Talk to our expert team on how we can help.