Scanning for Non Profit datascan

Each non-profit organisation will have its own focus and objectives.  There are always financial constraints and the requirement to prioritise each need as it arises.   Scanning of documents may not even have been a consideration in the past.   However, with GDPR and the possibility of an audit the organisation and its members need to consider if they would be left exposed?


Each organisation will hold its own records and there may be quite a bank of it.  Providing access to information on your donors, records of meetings, information on staff and volunteers, expenses etc.  may be required for an audit.  How would you manage?  Not having the right information to hand could lead to questions and bad publicity.

Safe and Organised

How and where are your records kept?  Who has access to them?  These are questions that you may be asked.  Keep records safe and organised by converting paper to digital.  These files can then be uploaded to your system and you can decide who can have access to what record.   The information you need will be on hand when you need it.

Continuity is a challenge where new volunteers or staff members come and go, retiring or moving on.  Having a system in place to access information makes the job much easier for training new people.

Scan and Relax

Scan your paper files and keep them safe from natural disasters or human error which can result in lost files.  This time is also a good time to decide what you don’t need and destroy it in a secure fashion.     All information you need historically can be stored more economically.  Records of meeting minutes, files for donors and more can all be indexed as required.  Records of past activities can be invaluable for analysis and making future plans to any organisation.

We have been working with charities and in the medical sector for many years so we understand the confidential nature of a business.  To explore the many benefits scanning can bring and to see how cost effective it can be, talk to one of our friendly team today.  Ensure your non-profit organisation is covered.