Documnet scanning for the pharma industry datascan

According to the IDA, the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Diagnostics combined as a sector directly employs 30,000 people in Ireland.   75 pharmaceutical companies operate in Ireland and 10 of the top 10 world’s pharmaceutical companies are based here.

High Standards

With such a thriving industry comes the expected regulations and standards that must be maintained.  Ireland continues to have an exemplary compliance record and companies operate to both European and global high standards.

Document Management

High regulation come with strict guidelines as to what documents and information must be maintained for certain periods.   This information could include research documentation, applications for approvals and the results of any clinical trials.  As these important pieces of information need to be kept for long periods of time in a safe and secure manner, the correct document scanning and management systems must be put in place.

Sensitive information

As with any medical records, they must also be transported and scanned using the highest security measures.  Most of this information would be market sensitive, highly valuable and critical commercially sensitive.   Every step of the scanning process must be vetted to the highest standards to ensure the security of the information.   The quality of the scanning work is very important.

Advantages of converting paper documents to digital copies:

– Compliance with regulations on the safety of storage of sensitive information

– Reduce risks when it comes to business continuity, disaster recovery and back up

– Instant access to files by authorised users, to collaborate as a team on the same files

– Reduced time lost by searching through paper files

– The gaining of space as storage rooms are no longer filled with paper

– Ability to upload information directly into CRM

– Having the reassurance that your files are securely stored and protected for all times

At Datascan Document Services we are known for operating in a variety of industry sectors but particularly in the medical and health sector.  When it comes to the Pharma industry we can scan all types of documents for every department.  These include batch records, lab notes, case reports, applications, research records, safety documents, clinical documents, technical manuals, log books, legal files and more.  We should also add to that list the regular working documents from the finance or HR department.

All work is handled by our expert team in our secure facility.  We are certified to both ISO9001 and ISO 27001 for extra peace of mind when it comes to the security of the information.  A large part of our business is scanning medical records, these are the most sensitive information.  We treat all our client’s data with the same care and consideration as the most sensitive data.  For more information or to avail of a free trial, contact us today.