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A workflow is the sequence of processes through which a piece of work passes from the initial stage to final completion.

Document Management

When it comes to document management, the workflow is an important element to get right.  When this process works well it has a positive effect on each department in the organisation.  When it breaks down it creates problems that cost time and create unwanted headaches.


The workflow for our client document management is outlined in this graphic:

document workflow infographic datascan

How scanning improves Workflow

Having a company like Datascan manage your documents can benefit your business.  When you decide to put a process in place to get your paper files from their current state to a digital file on your system it will have many advantages.

Reduce costs:  Having a dedicated supplier that will collect your documents, scan them and return them to you in a digital format that suits your business will save you time and money.

Custom built solutions:  Not every client has the same requirements.  We offer once off scanning of old files, we also offer an ongoing batch file scanning service.  We can do large projects or ongoing smaller projects.  Some are more straightforward than others, but we have the experience and expertise to handle most challenges.

Streamline processes:  Instead of having many steps in your document management, you could have just one step which will be ‘get Datascan to collect’.  This will eliminate the need for additional processes in each department of your business and multiple team members having to get involved.

Centralised management of data:  Having all your data in digital format in one central place can be a revelation for some businesses.  Easy to access by authorised personnel within the building and for those working remotely.  Full accurate information that is up to date and protected by your management system.

Better security:   Storing files digitally within a secure management system will always be more secure than having paper files.   Eliminating the risk of having files that are left lying around that could be accessed by unauthorised users or even lost.

Best practice:  Having a specific process in place to manage documents is best practice.  When an organisation is planning for something like ISO 9001 they look to put processes and workflows into place.  With a simple plan to outsource this function it simplifies things.

With Datascan Document Services you can arrange for us to collect your files.  We scan them and will index them according to your requirements and return them to you in a way that is compatible with your systems.

We are independent in that we don’t sell software so are used to working on all type of management systems.  There will be no pressure on you to make changes as we will probably have experience of your management system already and the transition will be easy.

So if you want to improve your workflows when it comes to document management get in touch with us today for a competitive quotation.