don't wait till disaster strikes datascan

If you got a call in the middle of the night to say your premises was on fire what would your reaction be?

After being thankful that all your staff were safely home in their beds and that nobody got hurt, you would start thinking how will I start up again?


As you will have invested in insurance and because all the furniture and equipment will have been destroyed you can easily replace this.  Eventually the insurance money will help with a rebuild but that will take some time.

What would you have saved from the fire if you had time?  Chances are it would be files, documents and records.  These are the things that become a business’s most valuable asset and in a lot of cases this information is irreplaceable.

Business Continuity

However, what about your customers looking for you the next day?   You can’t just tell them to hold off for a couple of months until you are back in business.  You would be handing over your business to your competitors.  You need to have a ‘next steps’ or ‘business continuity plan’.

In theory you could find some office space and get your phones re-routed pretty quickly but what about all your data and information.  Did it go up in smoke?

Save the day

When somebody has thought about this scenario they have come up with a plan that includes digital files stored off site.  Files that contain all the information the business needs but not on premises, backed up in the cloud securely.  This is easier than you think to achieve.  You can take all your existing paper documents and have them scanned offsite and uploaded as digital files with the minimum of disruption.  You can then schedule periodic scanning jobs to keep up to date.  All stored securely in the cloud accessible to you at any time and from anywhere.

Natural Disaster

And it’s not just a fire, we heard of a case recently where somebody was denied access to their office due to the building next door being unsafe.   A lot of their information was in filing cabinets that they could not access.

Likewise, another business based in an old building whose water tank burst causing flooding and many destroyed files.  Information lost forever and a lasting negative effect on a long established business.


Should the unthinkable happen you will need to quickly recover.  Make sure you have a plan in place.  The most important information can be stored securely with minimal costs involved and if you need advice on how to do this you can speak to the expert team in Datascan Document Services.