Efficiency for the Tourism Industry datascan

Six million tourists visit Ireland each year creating 180,000 jobs and generating €3.9 billion for the economy. The tourism industry is built around the Irish people, Irish culture and the physical beauty of the country.

Busy Season

Much of the work involved in the tourism industry happens during the summer season and it can get quite hectic for all the staff.  Having the right systems and processes in place can make all the difference.


Hotels and guesthouses are getting used to the new GDPR restrictions on guest’s information and are looking for new ways to ensure the data they store is secure.  Having personal information stored digitally not only saves on space but is has been shown to be more secure.  If the documents are stored in digital format, you can implement various access controls.

Adventure Tourism and Recreation

As we don’t tend to have endless sunshine and balmy days in Ireland, the rise of the adventure experience is no surprise.  Any business will be creating and receiving paper files and when a business is around for some time it may start to build up.  Now might be the time to have those boxes of files collected and returned as digital files. Freeing up space for more equipment.

Events and Conferences

There is a lot of planning that goes into an event and when it comes to a large conference there will be many people involved at various levels.  In order to share information, digital files will make more sense.  They can be shared and worked on in real-time on secure platforms therefore being more efficient.

Food and Beverage

There is much accountability in the food and beverage area with stock checks in particular.  Delivery dockets, stock checks, sales receipts are all needed to ensure a smooth running of the business.  Holding and manually checking can be tedious for staff and for auditors.  Digital copies can be indexed and filed for ease of access and will speed up processes.

Tourism Services

There are many ancillary industries that support the tourism sector from sole traders to large companies.   The digital age is relevant to each and all of these.  We are more reliant on technology than ever and having quicker access to information will increase effectiveness.   Electronic document management is a large part of many modern CRM systems and scanning documents in bulk for uploading makes sense.


Searching through papers takes time and can be frustrating for staff. When documents are stored online, you can search by content or subject. You can also access these documents on your smartphone even if you are away from your office, ideal for mobile or remote workers.

Whatever area of the tourism industry you are in, there will be more benefits to be gained by transforming your boxes of paper files into digital files.  Datascan Document Services have been working with Irish companies for over 25 years.  Operating from a secure facility in Dublin we are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 to provide a quality service.  Talk to our friendly team today and ask about a free trial of our services.