End of year clean up datascan

We might all be in holiday mode by now as we are winding down for Christmas.  Hopefully you are looking back on the year and congratulating yourself on some great achievements.

Before we start a new year (in fact a new decade) we could be using these days to do a bit of an end of year clean up.  We may start with the office desk and those dusty files that have been there under the coffee mug for just that little bit too long.

Rid your desk of clutter

Surrounding yourself with clutter has been proven to compete for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.  Those bundles of paper, the overflowing files are nothing but a negative force in your work life.

‘But I can’t throw them out’ you cry!  The information may be important and naturally you want to keep it.  But why not consider turning those bundles of paper into digital?  Taking each document, having it professionally scanned and indexed so it is filed securely on your CRM system is the perfect solution.

Reclaim office space

Now let’s think ‘big picture’.  Move away from the desk scenario and think of the overall office.  Do you have to complete a purge every few years to clear some space? Then drag boxes downstairs to a basement or upstairs to stack on top of others in a dusty storeroom – what a waste of time and space!  Imagine the joy of making a phone call and having somebody call to collect those boxes and take them away.  Only to return the information to you digitally.  All those boxes transformed into individual files on your management system.  Stored securely, only accessible to authorised users and easily accessible at the click of a button.

Ready for a new start

As the year comes to a close, think about your office clean up and start the new year with the best foot forward.  The new year will bring new budgets, new ideas, new products and services.  Perhaps it will also bring a new clean office and digitisation.  When you are ready to clear out the old and bring in the new, give our friendly team a call.  We make the process simple and hassle free.