Facilities Management is described as the maintenance of an organisation’s buildings and equipment but the role is so much more.

Facilities management also involves the efficient and effective delivery of support services that surround the actual building and this in turn can mean alot of paperwork.

Facilities Management datascan


Day to day operations

When you are responsible for the day to day operations of a large enterprise you will be scheduling and implementing many functions.  Managing the security, cleaning, catering and maintenance services will involve endless meetings resulting in your day to day operations keeping you busy.

Responsible role

You could also be responsible for quality, environmental and health & safety issues.   You will likely be in charge of ensuring the building meets all legal, statutory, regulatory codes and standards. In these cases, by ensuring compliance with legislative policies in all areas you will have reports, certificates and records of meetings to keep on file.


All this can mean a lot of paperwork and important documents that must be stored for a particular period of time. If you are managing a facilities team you will also have files relating to HR.  You might have paperwork around budgets, expenditure planning, tendering, contracts for services and utilities and more.   Reporting on activities and keeping records will soon add up to a whole room of paper and there will be a requirement to manage it correctly.

Data Protection

Files relating to personnel or other sensitive documents must be stored correctly in order to protect the information.  The day of files being stored in boxes or cabinets is ending and increasingly Irish businesses are moving to storing their information digitally.  It is safer option with less likelihood of information being accessed by the wrong person or even risking loss.

Simple conversion of files

At Datascan Document Services we collect paper files from our clients and transport them to our centre in Finglas where we digitally scan the information and convert to digital files that can easily be uploaded into the business software system.  We can then confidentially destroy the paperwork so there are no worries of data breaches.

Your information is then securely back in your possession where you can store it in the cloud for all the years to come.   Safe and secure and easily accessible only by the authorised management personnel.  Being easier to access and share information will save time and result in making the working day more productive.

For more information on how our document management services can help you streamline your business processes please get in touch.