Film & Media Archives datascan

Somebody remarked on a radio show recently that charity shops are the new ‘Extravision’.  He went on to say that now when he was looking to entertain himself with a film or TV box set he simply went to his local charity shop and picked up a DVD for a euro.

Going Digital

The reason why these shops are full of once popular DVDs is that we are now watching our movies and TV shows on Netflix, TV Now, Amazon and similar.   We have cleared the shelves in the sitting room and access our content digitally via the cloud.   Not only are new shows and movies being digitised the older ones are also being given the same treatment.

Film Archives

A film archivist will ensure that films are preserved for future generations to enjoy, this is something that the Irish Film Institute does extremely well.  State TV broadcasters across the globe also preserve documentaries and cultural shows as a piece of valuable heritage for their citizens.  This will allow not only public access but both commercial and cultural repurposing of footage for the future.

Digital Asset Management

In addition to the actual movies and shows there may be a wealth of scripts, production schedules and interesting paperwork.  When the archivist is putting together the collection they collate it in a way to make it easy to reference for future historians.

The curator will take the management of the library and access to its collections very seriously.  The information must be held securely but also allow simple access.  That is where professional scanning of paper documents come into the process.

Digital files make it easy to locate the required piece of content.  This saves time and money when you can search efficiently and locate easily.   In the past the most difficult part was knowing what was available and where it was.  With digital records these archives can be searched with a few strokes of a keyboard.

Media management

Knowing what piece of content is where and what is associated with it is only the first advantage of scanning.  The other major advantage is space saving and correct storage options. Once all is recorded and digitised for easy access, the originals can be stored away in a safe environment.  This will allow access when needed but will limit it so there is no worry about damage.

For more information on scanning archives you can speak to our expert team.  We have managed many sensitive collections and valuable documents over the past 25 years.