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Is clutter getting in the way of your success? 

First impressions really do count and when you visit a potential new supplier or client you will automatically take in the surroundings of their office and make a judgement.  It is human nature to see a pile of files and boxes and think ‘chaos’ and ‘unprofessional’.

Messy Office

Even if the clutter is behind the scenes in the office it can be a source of frustration to the staff working in the office.  Anybody swamped under boxes of paperwork, overflowing files and mess will be tired of having to look at it and maybe even trip over it occasionally.  They will want it gone!

Wasted Opportunities

When a call out comes to search back through the files to find some piece of information on a client does everybody coincidently have selective hearing or go for a coffee break?  Really, who wants to spend time shifting through files looking for something when they could be doing something a bit more interesting.  It’s ok if it happens once a day, but you could spend half your day searching – a pointless and soul destroying exercise.

Space to Grow

You need space to grow, to find new business and nurture new opportunities.  That space starts in your office.  It is time for a spring clean!  Have a look at all of the information you have and decide what you can get rid of first.   Much of it may be confidential so that will be shredded, Datascan can do this securely for you.  Then assemble what you do need, box it up and get it ready for collection.

Our driver will come and collect those boxes and transport them to our secure facility for scanning.   When you receive them back it won’t be in new boxes, but in digital form that can be uploaded on to your system. All available to store securely in the cloud with no storage limitations.

Create space for the improved you

Having your paper files scanned and uploaded as digital files has many benefits.  Once you have your existing files processed we can then batch scan every month or quarter as needed to keep on top of things.   There are no negatives with this option but many benefits such as:

  • Productivity – don’t have your staff wasting time searching, everything at the touch of a keyboard
  • Tidy office – No more messy office creating a negative impression for customers and a bad working environment for staff
  • Compliance – Be confident of your compliance with data and privacy laws, from creation to disposal of all your data
  • Cost of office space – Think of a better use of that now clutter free space, room for another staff member or new meeting space.
  • Security – With less chance of information leaks, you will be securing your data with access only by those you authorise.

Datascan document services have been scanning paper documents for over 25 years for Irish businesses just like yours.   Our processes are secure and reliable so you can trust us with your confidential information.  Why not ask about a free trial and see what we can do for you.