Technology has transformed the way we live, work and communicate. Technology has also had a positive impact on document management by allowing the digitisation of files. Digitising physical documents involves converting them into electronic format. County Councils and City Councils throughout the country have adopted this new way of working and are reaping numerous benefits.

Digital Property Files

Digitising property files has made it easier to access information about land ownership, permits and maps. With the digitisation, anyone with authorised access can view property files from anywhere. Additionally, the digitisation process has made it easier for County Councils to manage and oversee the accuracy of their property information.

Digital Personnel Files

Digitising personnel files has had a significant impact on the human resource management department. The traditional personnel files room was always a daunting area for both HR staff and employees. The digitalisation process has eliminated this challenge. With digitisation, sensitive personnel information is password protected and shared on a need-to-know basis. Digitising personnel files has greatly reduced the risk of data loss, breaches, or compromising employee privacy.

Sensitive Information

Digitising sensitive information like legal and financial documents has improved County Council data security. Previously, physical documents usually stored in bulky cabinets would be susceptible to fire, theft or destruction by natural disasters. Digitisation provides secure and authorised access to sensitive information and backups can be easily restored in case of unfortunate events. By digitising sensitive information, County Councils have a better chance of reducing the risk of fraud and other illegal activities.

Datascan have been working with Council Offices throughout Ireland and we can see how digitisation has had a transformative impact. The digitisation process has made it easier for people to access information remotely, reduced the risk of fraud and illegal activities for sensitive information, and reduced the risk of physical file destruction. Overall, adopting digitisation in Council operations significantly improves efficiency in data management.  If you want to find out more, chat with our expert team today.