When Datascan started to scan documents for GPs in Ireland over 12 years ago it was a new venture for the more progressive practices.  The early adopters were seen as innovative and trail blazers.  These days having a paperless practice has become more common due to the many benefits it brings.

Best Practice

All organisations are taking data protection very seriously after the introduction of GDPR.  However, when it comes to the security of sensitive personal information such as medical files, the safe storage of this information is even more important.   Having these documents professionally scanned and uploaded on to a secure management system is the best way to protect this information.

Saving Time & Money

Documents scanned and stored on the management system will be easily accessible without leaving the office desk.  No more hours spent by staff searching through boxes in a storage room.  Also, that storage room full of boxes could be turned into a consultation room.  Many GP practices use these newly vacated rooms to allow other medical professionals offer services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, dermatology and more, resulting in additional revenues.

Planning for the future

In time you may be considering retiring or moving on and that’s when the benefit of having your files in digital format really matters.  This makes the transition extremely straightforward both for the new GP and the patient.  All past records and information will be indexed and uploaded to the right patient ready for use immediately.  Digital files are also more secure against floods and fire which helps greatly with risk management.

Next Steps

Datascan has a dedicated medical record scanning department.  We collect the files and our team process them to the highest quality under the most secure circumstances.  We then deliver the information back to you digitally.  Our GP clients would also avail of our batch scanning service.  This helps them stay paperless, it can cost as little as one consultation yet save your team hours of work.

Datascan can work with all the main practice management software packages operating in Ireland.