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In recent years’ Irish firms have been leading the way in cloud computing.

Cloud is not only for large organisations anymore.  Increasingly smaller businesses are making the move to store their data in the cloud.

Why the Cloud?

The main reasons Irish businesses are moving their data to cloud storage are around the concerns about security, data loss risk and compliance.  Having a backup stored off site in a secure location can offer peace of mind and reduce risks.  Added to that the flexibility, cost effectiveness and scalability of cloud it makes sense for business today.

Paper in the Cloud

The future is very much in the cloud but with so much paperwork still around, how do we integrate it with cloud storage?

When the decision is taken to move to the cloud it normally comes after some years of working traditionally with filing cabinets and a server.  Once the operations are transitioned across to the cloud it will leave boxes of files that need scanning.  These files need to be scanned and converted into digital files for storage in the cloud.

Why Outsource?

You could scan those files yourself, however, outsourcing that work is the sensible option and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Time

When you move your data to the cloud you need a full solution with everything in one place.  When you outsource the scanning work you can rely on early completion with little delay.  When you scan in house, projects can get disrupted by the day to day work in the office.  Company focus should be on your business so allow the scanning to be a job that somebody else completes.

  1. Quality

A copy of a copy can end up being illegible and useless.  When scanning in the office it’s easy to put pages in upside down or not aligned therefore missing vital information.  When you outsource, the company will use top quality equipment that is of a professional industrial standard.   This ensures the quality of the scanned documents.

  1. Cost

It’s normally cheaper to outsource certain functions of the business and scanning certainly is one of them.  Time consuming functions can drain internal resources and end up costing more in the long run.

  1. Expertise

A scanning company won’t miss things, so you can be assured of a job completed to your full satisfaction.  An experienced team will know how to do this, can even advise on ongoing document management services.  With world class capabilities the end result will be as good as you expect.

  1. Security

An outsourced provider will have security measures in place to ensure your data is protected at all times.  This also includes the destruction of paper files once the job is completed.  They will be shredded in an approved way and you will be provided with proof.  No worry about the information ending up in normal waste where it may get into the wrong hands.


Datascan Document Services have been offering scanning services for over 25 years.  Based in Dublin but with clients nationwide we transport documents in our own vehicles with approved drivers.  We take the security of your data very seriously and that is why we are certified to ISO 27001.    For a competitive quote to outsource your scanning contact our team today.

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