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Last year in Ireland there were 47 work-related deaths.  The authorities continue to work hard to reduce these numbers and many businesses have introduced protocols and standards to improve safety.  The HSE complete nearly 10,000 inspections and investigations under safety, health and chemicals legislation each year.  As a result of these visits they will issue advice, improvement notices and in extreme circumstances will impose fines on organisations.


Along with Irish and European laws regarding safety in the workplace, last year we saw the introduction on ISO45001 to replace OHSAS1800, international standards covering the health and safety in the workplace.

Records are created, sometimes on a daily basis and these must be kept and stored in a secure manner.  This is important to comply with legislation, but also in the event of a court case to provide evidence.  Having the paperwork to prove correct procedures were in place can prevent false claims and it can also identify areas of improvement to prevent future issues.

When you must keep records for particular periods of time storage can become a challenge.  The practically of doing so when construction or temporary sites for large companies are involved can be an issue.  By having them regularly scanned and uploaded to a central point this makes them easily accessible by authorised users at any stage.  Plus, if stored on a cloud based platform the costs for physically storing is eliminated therefore increasing efficiencies.

Register of Information

Having a register of information stored makes it easier to dispose of files in line with regulations.  Plus, it can be disposed of permanently in a safe and secure manner.  With inspections regularly happening there may be need to provide back up documents.  Searching various sites and storage facilities for relevant documents takes time and causes delay.  Having them at the touch of a button makes sense and auditors will be thankful for that.   When it comes to auditing performance and issues, having all the information to hand will also help with planning improvements in the work practices to ensure safer conditions.

Scanning documents

Some of the documents we can scan for you include reports of incidents or injuries, training information for staff, records of health and safety training, equipment maintenance records, fire safety checks, manuals for health and safety issues, procedure records, exposure to risk assessments and audit reports.

Add into the list the usual Finance and HR records and you have a comprehensive solution to all your files and records.  For more information and to avail of a free trial you can speak with our helpful team at Datascan Document Services.