Many hospital consultants are active in several locations and transporting patient files from one location to another brings many challenges.  That’s why the move to digitisation and storing information securely in the cloud make sense.

Hospital consultants must work with a lot of paper files, and that’s not just a problem for them—it’s also a problem for other hospital staff. If another doctor or nurse needs access to information about one of your patients, it can take days or weeks before they get it. The old days of paper-based patient files are now a thing of the past and have been replaced by a new way of storing and accessing patient data.

There are lots of advantages to going digital. Here are some of them:

No more paper files

This is perhaps the biggest advantage, as it means that you don’t have to carry around heavy papers and folders with you when visiting patients. Instead, everything can be stored on your laptop or tablet device so that it’s always available when needed.

Faster access to patient information

It takes only seconds for a consultant to pull up a file on their computer wherever they are in the hospital.  This will include any previous notes taken during consultations.

Better security against loss, theft or potential data breach

If someone takes one of those folders full of papers containing sensitive information about patients’ health histories, then there could potentially be serious consequences.  But if all those same documents were stored digitally then there would be no way anyone else could access them easily.

Paper files are a thing of the past. With digital record keeping, you can access all your patient data from anywhere and at any time and share it with other medical staff if required.

Digital scanning of paper files will make life easier for hospital consultants

This will allow doctors to access files from any location, making their lives easier and saving them time as they won’t need to search through filing cabinets or boxes anymore. The scans can also be sent electronically so that colleagues can access them wherever they are in the world.

Scanning your paper files to digital is a great way to save time and money. It also means that you don’t have to carry around all those heavy files when visiting patients, so it’s much more convenient.

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