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Welcome to the digital world, where data is stored in the cloud and our office desk can be anywhere in the world.  This new way of working has so many benefits and can be easier to achieve than you may think.  The good news is that it’s not just for multi-national organisations, paperless is the way forward for any business.

Growing your business

As you grow you want to improve – your processes, your bottom line and your future opportunities.  With the Irish economy doing well, most businesses are thriving and looking for more efficient ways of doing things.   Going paperless (or document digitisation) is one way many businesses have chosen.

Paperless has many benefits for business:

Increased Productivity –  Scanned documents are easier to manage.  The files are now electronic and can be shared and accessed at the click of a mouse.

Improved Security – Now there is no worry about paper files being destroyed due to fire, flood or theft.  A great step in becoming GDPR compliant is to have your data stored electronically.

Reducing Costs – The increase in productivity comes with less time wasted.  The space that is now available can be used for more productive efforts.  Processes can be completed quicker and all this contributes to the bottom line.

Mobile Working – Once the team are logged in they can access all the information they need, no requirement for travelling to the office.  The ability to work from home or remotely is a big plus for any team member.


There may be objections to paperless, however, in our experience we believe they are unfounded:

Costs – Paperless is not as costly as you may think.  Sure it may be a bigger job at first, but then once you keep on top of it is quite cost effective.  There will be no need for new software as the scanned copies can be uploaded onto your existing CRM or management system.

Security – Digital copies are more secure as they will be stored in the cloud, safe against disaster or theft.  Cybersecurity is not of concern as security in cloud is so much more advanced today

People Objecting – Once the team see the benefits of digitisation they will be delighted with the new way of working.  The customers won’t know why, but things will improve for them.  Improved customer service is the ultimate benefit to going paperless.


For any business, going digital just makes sense.  With some many benefits it is no wonder that the vast majority of organisations of all sizes are moving to paperless.  It’s less costly than you would imagine and easy to organise when you work with Datascan Document Services.  Give us a call today and talk to us about a free trial.