When working in any medical profession, especially when running and operating your own clinic, maintaining and organising patient records is of the utmost importance.

Physiotherapists can benefit datascan

Patient records contain vital information such as medical histories, previous prescriptions and billing details that are key to successfully treating and maintaining a strong client relationship with your patients.

In today’s digital age many medical practitioners such as physiotherapists are beginning to migrate to a digitised form of file storage for maintaining patient records and stepping away from the more traditional forms of paper file storage.

Digital File Benefits

Digital file storage can provide many benefits for physiotherapy clinics.  Firstly, it can help to increase clinic space by shrinking the amount of storage necessary to store and maintain patient records.  Digitally storing files rather than keeping them on file in filing cabinets can help to open up space in the clinic for equipment and other important resources that you may not currently have room for in your clinic space. Additionally, removing paper storage systems can overall declutter your clinic helping to make the space look neat and tidy for visiting patients.

As well, digital file storage allows you to have files on hand wherever you go.  This means that when making house calls or other visits to patients outside of the clinic, patient records will remain accessible at your fingertips.  This can be incredibly helpful and eliminates the risk of forgotten files and important information when working outside of the office.  Furthermore, digital file storage allows medical records to be easily transferred between offices. Meaning that if your patient is moving to another clinic or being referred to a different form of specialist, supplying their medical history and past treatments from your practice can be done within a few minutes with ease.

Security of Information

One of the most important factors when dealing with patient medical records is security.  Medical records contain extremely personal and private information and as such ensuring that they are only seen by authorised personnel is of the utmost importance for clinics.  Digital file storage offers an added layer of security that paper files kept under lock and key don’t possess.  Digital files can allow practitioners to store medical records in the cloud under passwords and other forms of digital protection that help to reinforce file security and ensure that information is only being accessed by those with permission to view it.

Simple Transition

Transitioning to digital file storage can be simple enough.  Although the amount of paper records may seem daunting, as the market leader in the area of patient medical file scanning, Datascan can help.  We can scan your records for you, working through any backlog and transitioning documents into digital forms all while your clinic maintains its normal operations.

Overall, there are many benefits to converting to digital file storage from more traditional paper forms of storing medical records. Providing easy access, added security and freeing up clinic space, transitioning to a digital storage system may be the next big move for your physiotherapy practice.   Contact our expert friendly team today and see how cost effective this could be for your practice.