How to scan a document datascan

It might seem a pretty straightforward question to ask – how do you scan a document?  There are various different ways to scan a document in your office:  you can use an inhouse scanner which is normally part of the photocopier, you can take a photo with your smartphone and upload it or you can use an app.

Scanning Manually is rarely the best option

All these methods will technically scan the document so you can upload it on your system.  You can then shred or destroy the paper as you now have a digital copy.  These are all fine when you only want to scan a few pages.  However, there are several downsides to using these methods when you have many files to scan:

Time consuming

If you have multiple boxes of files that need scanning this will take a significant amount of time.  Completing it manually will mean you must remove staples, place each page in the correct position, scan it and then upload it.  Really?  Do you want to spend days (or possible weeks) doing this – and don’t give it as a task to the work experience student, that’s just mean!

Poor Quality

With the best will in the world, even if you intend on scanning each document with the utmost care the quality will not be as good as when it is completed professionally.  Each crease and mark will make reading it difficult.  Depending on the equipment used, the images may not be sharp enough to catch every figure and character either.


Even asking a junior member of staff to complete this thankless job will cost your business money.  Hours spent scanning, sorting and uploading has a significant cost in both time and resources.  Your staff would be happier and more motivated doing more productive work.  Unhappy bored staff won’t hang around long and how hard is it to get new staff these days?

So before you hand your staff 50 boxes of files and letters to scan, ask yourself ‘Is there a better way to do this?’  Yes, there is!  Let Datascan come to your office, collect those boxes, do all the scanning with expert equipment and experienced staff and return your data to you in digital format.   Believe us, your staff will thank you.